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Welcome to the Kington Langley Village website. Kington Langley is located near Chippenham in Wiltshire, England. This website has been established by the Parish Council to provide information to both villagers and non villagers on Kington Langley.

A visit from the Wiltshire Air Ambulance on 7th Feb 2015

The Air Ambulance was called to the Greathouse today and landed in the Playing Fields.
The Lady pilot was very friendly and many children had an extra treat for a birthday party!

Wilts Air Amb 1Wilts Air Amb 2

Wilts Air Amb 3

Thanks to our local helper who ran with one of the medical bags!


Our famous resident guest!

(thanks for the photo Mei and John Foster!)

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May Parish Council meeting is on Monday May 11th at 19.45 in the Village Hall Committee Room
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Superfast Broadband is now available via the Kington Langley Exchange! Contact your ISP for more information and to check whether it is available for your telephone line (BT, Talk Talk, Zen Internet, Sky etc) Please note that some people closer to the exchange may find that the service is not available as their line must connect to the cabinets in the villages and not be connected directly to the Exchange


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I need your  Photographs of Kington Langley ! Please send your photo’s of the village to graham@trickey.net and I will display them. 

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